Find out how Bevo qualifed for the world champs and who the Black Flash is, who inspires him to always give 100 per cent.

How did your Busselton race go?

The race was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. In reflection though, I’m disappointed the swim was cancelled (I wasn’t on the day). It was also great to have so many of MPers out on the course pushing each other.

Why triathlon?

I was a spectator for a many years then decided to give it a go. How hard could it be right? First step was to learn to swim (Grumpy & Jason will tell you I still can’t). Some days I believe them.

What was your first tri? And how did your performance then compare to now?

·         70.3 Cairns 2016 – 6:25 ( swim – 64.26 / bike – 3:10 / run – 1:59).

·         70.3 Busselton 2017 –  4:22 ( no swim / bike – 2:30 / run – 1:44).

What do you put this significant improvement down to?

Joining Moore Performance and sticking to my training program prescribed by Danny.

What’s your next goal race?

South Africa 70.3 World Champs in September 2018.

What other goals do you have for this year?

·         Sub 40 mins for 10K

·         Sub 60 mins for the City 2 Surf

·         Sub 90 mins for a ½ marathon

·         Sub 140 min run off the bike (ROTB) in a 70.3

·         Sub 5 hours for a 70.3.

Nothing like putting a bit a pressure on myself.

What was your best race? 

70.3 Sunshine Coast 2017 –  5:09 ( swim – 41.46 / bike – 2:36 / run – 1:44).

Lessons learnt?:

·         Always listen to your body. Sometimes it needs a rest.

·         Training consistently is the key to success.

What’s your favourite meal pre-race? 

12 salt capsules.

What are your nutrition tips during a race?

Ensure that you eat and drink regularly. I have an alert set on my Garmin to remind me every 20 mins in case I forget.

How do you keep motivated to get up before 5am or finish a gruelling set?

Voices in my head. If you’re an only child you’ll relate to this.

What injuries have you had to overcome?

A hip / hamstring issue that still gives me grief occasionally. I couldn’t run for eight weeks. It took me a while, but I eventually got treatment and followed the rehab instructions. Danny also amended my program to suit (it’s extremely important to share with Danny if you have an injury).

 Memorable quote/catchphrase:

Always give 100%.

 Why do you like training with Moore Performance? 

The people. Everybody is extremely motivated (Jay Luke excluded). There’s always plenty of encouragement within the group during each training session. Sessions are also tailored to suit varying abilities. You can go as hard or easy as you like. Danny’s not too bad as a coach either.

What did you do before triathlon?

I owned a CrossFit gym in Botany. I was also a group exercise instructor at All Sorts Alexandria.

Which athletes inspire you?

Larry Corowa, a Balmain Tiger legend, nicknamed the black flash. I had the pleasure of playing rugby league with him towards the end of his career in the early 80s. Larry was constantly told he wasn’t good enough to play first grade in the last few years of his career. I still remember him saying: ‘stuff those fellas Bevo, they can get #$%^@!, I’m not giving up, I’m going to prove all those *&^%# wrong.’

Larry continued to prove everybody wrong. He played first grade every week for the next three years.

What you like to do post-race celebrations? 

I enjoy having a cider with the MP crew watching the Ironman push through adversity in achieving their goal. The Busselton celebration was extra special having Jay Luke on the mic. He was hilarious (I hope he doesn’t read this, it might go to his head lol). I actually think I wet my pants a few times.

What’s your ideal weekend? 

(Nothing like a plan, right). On Saturday take a long ride, followed by a ROTB, then coffee, nap, lunch & afternoon swim. Romantic dinner with somebody special (I’m still looking for her).

Then on Sunday a Long run, followed by a late breakfast, an afternoon picnic / swim and yoga.

If you could be anywhere right now in the world where would that be?


What’s something about you we didn’t know before?

·         I have two children (Amanda 30 & Steph 28) and two grandchildren (Cohen & Ariel). Yes I’m a grandfather, go figure.

·         I played two first grade rugby league games.

·         I worked at DCMs on Oxford Street as a podium dancer in the late 90s. (I’m happy to prove it at Arq if you don’t believe me, seriously).

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