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At Moore Performance we can help you plan your perfect season or your Perfect race. Our coaches can help you get the most out of training and having your breakout season. We often see athletes enter races without any thought of the structure of their season, which can often lead to either burn out, or reaching your goal race un-prepared. Our expert coaches can help you ensure that you peak at the right times of the season to achieve the best results.


Race Planning

nutrition, pacing, target zones

The common mistakes I often see is that people put so much effort into doing all the training but then during the vital “Peak” phase, they undo all their good work, specifically:

  • they get their taper wrong, going into the race over or under-trained
  • they don’t have a clear race plan or strategy,
  • they have no plan for their race nutrition, leading to incorrectly fueling their race
  • they don’t know what Intensity to race at, and end up blowing up, or even going too easy

We specialise in getting our athletes to their goal race well prepared and in peak condition, giving them the opportunity to perform to their optimal performance. We use a combination of the latest technology and our expert experience to help you knock the ball out of the park.

We can help you get your race day in perfect balance between freshness, form and fitness and then help you execute the perfect pacing / power output / pace to get that result you are chasing.

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