Caden Wheels

Beat your competition

Carbon Carbon Wheel Sets are Fast Oversized Aero Weapons With A 3 Year Warranty. Call the wheel builder Ben 7 Days 0424 440 443 for an extra $50 off the sale price or email [email protected] with any questions.

Why Caden Carbon Wheels? Because we love it & life’s better on Australian built oversized U shaped road wheels for a third of the big brand price. 10/11 Speed Compatible, High TG heat resistant resins, advanced kevlar anti fracture, true tension 2 to 1 spoke ratios are just the start of how we’ll help make your next carbon wheelset choice really easy. Caden builds wheels for road racers, triathletes & every day riders that want wide blunt profiles, stiff durable hand spoking, 3 year warranty & helpful Aussie service.

Balance in Motion

leading physiotherapy clinic

Balance in Motion is a leading physiotherapy clinic that caters to all active people with a special interest in triathlon. We treat all injuries and approach our patients from a holistic whole body point of view, looking to find the cause of injury rather than just treat the symptoms. We use video analysis to analyse your technique and have a wind trainer if we need to look at your cycling biomechanics. Located in the heart of Bondi, Balance in Motion is your first port of call for a sports injury.

2nd Location: Suite 35 Level 3, 183 Macquarie Street, Sydney CBD, NSW, 2000

The Running Company


At The Running Company, we use digital gait analysis to ensure you choose the correct shoe. Our service is available in-store and online. We monitor how your foot, ankle and lower limb function as part of our 5-step fitting system and assess your individual running experiences and objectives.

We listen, we observe, we advise. Our focus is not on selling you the most expensive or fadish runner. The philosophy of The Running Company is to provide you with the shoe which complements your unique physique, training objectives, style and type of running. We want to ensure you run more often, faster, longer and achieve your goals.

We offer 10% off for all Moore Performance athletes

RPX Fitness

Specialist In Functional Movement Training

RPX Fitness uses the Integrated Functional Training Method, in a safe, fun and encouraging environment to help you achieve your goals. We don’t just provide traditional Pilates exercises, but more dynamic and challenging workouts utilising a variety of fitness tools to gain maximum results while keeping you motivated.

iMovePhysio & The Running Room, Clovelly


iMovePhysio & The Running Room are a running & triathlon specialist physiotherapy clinic in Clovelly. This is not your average clinic – it is a concept and we provide individuals with biomechanical and movement assessments that have traditionally only been available to the elite. We utilise the most innovative technology combined with physiotherapy and podiatry to treat active individuals to optimise movement and performance in sport and everyday life. We work with athletes wanting to improve your running performance, rehab your injury or simply improve your overall running experience.

Muscle Medicine

Specialist body work & soft tissue therapists for improved performance

Muscle Medicine are the go to Remedial Soft Tissue Therapists for active people, we focus on assisting athletes of all levels perform to their best and recover from injury quickly.

Based in Sydney’s Double Bay the team is led by Coby Du Preez who has a reputation for ‘keeping people moving and doing what they love’. He’s built a strong team at the Double Bay clinic who he mentors to ensure no matter who you see, you will receive a fantastic treatment plan to help you recover & perform.

For more info on our treatments and team please check out our website

We are about to head off on holidays so I can’t look at offers or anything at the moment. Let’s chat in the new year and see if there is something we can do.


Superannuation and Insurance Advice for Triathletes

In the Superannuation space, it’s important to have someone that understands you, help look after your Super. It’ll be the biggest assets you’ll probably have besides that family home, so why leave it to some random Superannuation Fund to make decisions for you? KOM Financial Advice helps people with clean, green Super options, or direct shares, or a whole bunch of different investments that can suit your goals and personal style. If someone has to make decisions for you, it should be someone that you can call on and rely on.

In the Personal Insurance space, triathletes and cyclists have very specific needs but many big insurance companies don’t understand us, and therefore put cycling-related exclusions on their policies. Sadly, many won’t know this until they try to make a cycling-related accident claim, and then it’s too late. KOM Financial Advice was formed to address the unique Income Protection and Total & Permanent Disability issues triathletes and cyclists face.

We provide advice to match your specific needs with ‘triathlete/cyclist friendly’ insurers, recommending insurance that will provide cover for your triathlon events, training and commuting AND cover you for injury, illness, disease or accident that prevents you from working. It’s true comprehensive cover.

Dan Corbett has been a financial planner for almost 25 years, trained and competed in multiple Ironman, 70.3 World Champs events, raced across all triathlon distances and sponsors dozens of triathlons and cycling races along the eastern seaboard. Equally important, he’s a really good friend of Moore Performance – many MPers know him well, are clients of his and call him a mate.

KOM Financial Advice provides discounts to the ‘implementation fees’ for MPers. More money for bike parts!

Avril @ Sydney Essential Health

Sports Massage Therapist

I completed a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy and have been massaging part time for the past 20 years. I love finding and releasing trigger points which help muscles back to their full range of motion, puts your body in a stronger position to help you perform optimally. My massage includes maintenance, recovery, pre and post event massage to help you on your sporting journey. Being an athlete myself, I understand the correlation between muscle integrity and performance and what the body requires to make it strong again. Sports massage is not just for athletes it’s for anybody with tightness, aches and pains.

Check out for more information.

My Fees: $100 (60 mins), no health funds as this is reflected in the price

Moore Performance athletes receive 20% off their first massage

My number: 9389 6955 or 0459 771 160

Power2Move – Massage

Helping You Regain Your Strength & Fitness

Power2Move specialise in massage therapy and injury rehabilitation for active people.

From recreational sports enthusiasts to elite athletes, Power2Move will help you achieve your sporting goals. We tailor safe and effective injury recovery programs that help you be the best in your sport. Most importantly, our end goal is to ensure you avoid injury and move efficiently with sustainable power.

Power2Move – Bikefit

Professional Bike Fitting Rosebery Sydney

A professional bike fit makes specific adjustments to every changeable part of your bicycle, to ensure it’s perfectly optimised to your unique body geometry and form.

From our bike fitting Rosebery studio, we aim to enhance your cycling performance while at the same time easing any discomfort you may feel from an injury. We also endeavour to protect you from further injury with an expert bike fit.

Not only do we fit your road or racing bike, we also provide bike fitting for mountain bikes (MTB) and time trial bikes (TT).

Therefore, if you’ve bought a new bike, you’re recovering from injury, or you want to maximise your cycling performance, a Rosebery bike fitting session is a must.

Vanilla Cycles


We are passionate about all things cycling and the craft that we love. Drop in and have chat over a coffee or juice and let us assist you with that dream custom bike build or paint, the upgraded components you need fitted, or any of our services. There isn’t a thing bike related we can’t help with.

Human Repair Shop

Physiotherapy, Pilates, and Counselling

At Human Repair Shop we provide a high standard of care and knowledge in physiotherapy, clinical pilates, life coaching and mental wellbeing workshops. We strive to help our clients, through recovery, progression and maintenance, to achieve better bodies and better minds.

Located in Queens Park, check us out online at

The Body Fixer


The body fixer is a physiotherapy practice run by Paula Luke out of Bondi Junction. Paula has over 20 years of experience managing musculoskeletal injuries in clients of all ages. She has worked in a foot and ankle specialist clinic for over ten years and has a keen interest in triathlon. She uses a combination of dry needling, laser, massage and a full body assessment to treat the symptoms and the cause of any injury. Her passion for professional development keeps her up to date with the latest research and cutting-edge treatment protocols for joint and tendon injuries.

Practical Naturopathy

Naturopathic Healthcare, Simplified

At Practical Naturopathy we believe there is always a solution for experiencing better health and vitality – we just need to figure out what that is…for you! We take a full case history, work through all your goals and then formulate a plan to help optimise your overall health and well-being. We can also help specifically with sports and performance nutrition to further maximize your potential.

Located in Camden, check us out online at

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