Moore Performance is more than just a training group

We have a warm, friendly and supportive culture and a fun social scene. Whether you’re training for a personal best result, to reach the podium, achieve a race goal or to keep fit and have fun with friends, MP will support you to achieve what you’re aiming for. We offer a range of social events including mid-week dinners, weekend nights out, training camps, weekend activities and regular post-workout coffee and brunch. Sometimes the coffee session is longer than the training.


The training environment, support and culture is crucial to an athlete’s longevity in the sport

Often triathlon is a solo event, but we pride ourselves on having the whole team behind you at our goal events. We often take big teams to key races and having the MP Crew behind you, can make all the difference come race day. MP has been responsible for countless lifelong friendships, even marriages and children have been sparked from the squad.

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If you’d like to start your journey with us you will feel the #MPLove, which will have a massive positive impact on your health and wellness.

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