How do you balance work and family commitments with training?

It’s a challenge. My kids are 2 & 4 & both have special needs so I’m never going to be able to train as much as I’d ideally like. My wife & I share the mornings – I get Tue, Thur & Sat (for MP rides), she gets Mon, Wed & Fri. I’ve recently started running to/from work twice a week to fit my runs in. Swimming normally misses out unless I have a race coming up. The good news is we’ve just hired a new au pair to help with the kids so you may soon see me on the MP runs (or even in the pool!)


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What is the secret to you becoming so fast on the bike?

Consistency & effort in training. My bike has probably been my most consistently trained discipline in the past few months. It used to be my weakest leg but since I started riding with MP late last year it’s really improved. I’m nowhere near the fastest guys in the group but I’m now confident enough to ride with them on training rides which is pushing me harder & getting results.

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What was your first tri and or running race? How does that race compare to now?

I started triathlons in 2010 after I’d recovered from my injury – I started with the BRAT tri’s & the BRW corporate triathlon. I was a decent runner & a terrible rider & swimmer. I’m now more consistent across all 3 legs. I’ve also shaved a few minutes off my transition times (free gains)

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What was your best race? 

City to Surf 2010 – the year after my injury. I finished in 54:30 which back then was good enough to qualify for preferred.

What do you put this significant improvement down to?
My good C2S result in 2010 was a result of big training miles. I did my one & only marathon that year (Gold Coast) and all the marathon training paid dividends when C2S came around. I was also highly motivated and appreciated the opportunity I had to run again after my major injury.

Lessons learnt?
You need to put in the training if you want to get results

How was Husky long course?
At the time, Husky long was the longest tri I’d ever done. I loved the atmosphere down there and was really happy with my time of 4:42. It inspired me to do my first 70.3 shortly after (Busselton).

What’s the next goal race?
If you asked me last week I would have said I have none. But I have just registered for 4 Elite Energy events, all OD & Club distance. The first one is the Wyong OD in November. Now I have something to train for & may even start swimming again! My goal for the upcoming tri season is to focus on shorter distance OD, Club & Sprint events. I’m suited to the sorter stuff & it fits better with my family commitments.

What’s your favourite meal pre-race? 
Huge seafood & vege pasta or a juicy steak with plenty of greens.

What are your nutrition tips during a race?
Plan ahead and never try anything for the first time in a race.
How do you keep motivated to get up at 5am or finish a gruelling set?
The biggest motivator is having a race to train for. And because my training opportunities are limited with family commitments I need to make the most of them. This means getting up at 5 whenever I have a training session, no matter how many times the kids wake me during the night.

What is your favourite ride/run?
I have 2 favourite runs – the 10km Bondi barefoot (soft sand) and the city to surf. I always run well on soft sand & mid distance runs suit me. The C2S atmosphere is fantastic & the distance is perfect for me

For rides, I love riding around West Head but don’t get there often enough – the roads are smooth & quiet & the view at west head is amazing.

Have you had to overcome any injuries and how did you do it?:
Yes. A major one in In 2009. I had a compound fracture of the Tibia & Fibular from a freak indoor soccer injury. My leg had an extra 90-degree bend between the knee & the ankle with the bone sticking out! I spent a month in a wheelchair & 7 months on crutches and it was over a year before I could run again. I still have a 40cm titanium rod in my leg (the photos are on facebook somewhere if you enjoy that sort of thing!)

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Memorable quote/catchphrase:
1. The more you bleed in training, the less you bleed in combat

2. There will come a day when you can’t do this. Today is not that day.
Why do you train with Danny / Moore Performance?

I find I push myself much harder in training sessions with MP. That reaps big dividends when it comes to races. I love the support, comradery and social aspect of the group as well. The MPLOVE!

What did you do before Triathlon?

Run. Drink. Sleep.

What Athletes inspire you?

John Maclean – truly inspiring paraplegic who didn’t let his injury get in the way of his dreams to compete the Napean triathlon.

What you like to do post-race celebrations? Rest day?

Post race is all about catching up with friends comparing race stories, achievements & excuses. Rest days are all about getting up after 5am & spending time with the family.

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