Learn the secrets behind Lucy’s phenomenal performances including winning her age category at Cairns Ironman in 2016 despite only doing her first race in Wollongong the year before!

Lucy Aussie team

Why triathlon?

My brother was competing in triathlon and I thought it would be something different than spin classes and body pump at Fitness First.

What was your first tri? And how did your performance compare to now?

Wollongong Olympic Triathlon was my first race in 2015. I had just finished a six week rookie program with Bondi Fit and it was very daunting with very little experience.

It’s hard to compare, as I am still new to triathlon and have only raced more than a handful of times.

[Even though Lucy says she’s still new to triathlon, she’s won her age category at Cairns Ironman and competed at the Ironman World Championships at Kona, Hawaii]

Lucy Kona

How was your race in Port Macquarie?

It was not my best race – 10 minutes slower in the run than last year. Definitely goes to show, you do need to turn up to training.

It was great to see so many MP athletes racing and supporting – to come back and support the IM crew was great.

Also, it was great to beat my boyfriend Peter by 30 seconds.

What’s your next goal race?

Busselton Ironman in December.

What was your best race?

My best race would have to be Ironman World Championship in Kona, nothing can really top that atmosphere or feeling.

The swim in Kona is incredibly beautiful, the water is very clear and the sea life is next level.

The bike is exactly how people describe it very hot and very very windy, what people do forget to mention is how hilly it is – Queen K which is covered in lava and countless undulations. The turn around at Hawi is a stair step climb to the top, the descent was fun but dangerous with cross winds blasting through rock cut outs to blow you across the road.

I do find myself laughing now when someone says it was a windy ride – as no wind speed will ever top that.

The start of the run is amazing, 16 km is out and back along Alii Drive. The crowds are HUGE everywhere – American supporters are screaming “good job” and “looking good man” which can get annoying as you know damn well you look awful!! The run is hilly, you run several hills and a big hill to get back up to the Queen K and you head out to the real stuff in the lava fields. That’s when it gets really hard, the heat is brutal the winds annoying and dry and your legs are trashed.

The best feeling of all was turning back onto Alii Drive with 400 metres to go – the streets are lined with flags from all different countries. The crowds are so deep and WILD.

All day you are treated like a rockstar, they have the best drinks, the best food on course and the recovery area after was ridiculous.


Lessons learnt?:

Never trust a fart.

What’s your favourite meal pre-race?

Tuna and Brown Rice

How do you keep motivated to get up at 5am or finish a gruelling set?

I think about the quote… “When you are not training, remember somewhere someone is training, and when you meet her, she will win”.

What is your favourite ride/run/ or swim?

Anywhere in Noosa.

Why do you like training with Danny / Moore Performance squad?

Moore Performance is an amazing community. Everyone is highly motivated and at 5.45am somehow everyone has seemingly endless amount of energy. The programs are consistent and well-structured (with a large emphasis on cycling which I like) Danny and Phil are great coaches and keep you accountable and are good sounding boards for support.

What did you do before triathlon?

I drank a lot of alcohol and had big weekend benders… often not getting home before the time I get up now.

Which athletes inspire you?

Zoe Pedashenko – I dream of the day I can beat her up a hill #goals

What you like to do post-race celebrations?

Defintely a shower….. and a few post-race bevvys.

What’s your ideal weekend?

Friday night drinks, Saturday morning Waterfall ride and coffee, nap and nice dinner out, Sunday morning North ride and coffee, nap and Sunday beers on the balcony with friends.

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