A great weekend in Port that saw lots of good performance from the MP crew, with a quick summary below:

Jimmy Byrne turned up for another Ironman 70.3 with very limited training and still managed to pop out a 4.55, clearly on Jay Luke’s “Natural ability” program he had a solid swim, super fast bike and just faded on the run for a 4.55, man if this boy could train he would be un stoppable.

Maarten went into this race looking for a Sub 5 and after ITB issues meaning very little running this was going to be a great test to see where he is before taking on Busso IM. Setting up the race with a good swim/bike he managed to get through the run without pain, so mission successful. Time to build the run without injury and hopefully a 10.30 Busso.

Paula had a joint man of the match award with Kate and a 20 mins course PB on this “honest” course, with the hills and poor quality of roads. Coming in with a solid 5.14 and a 9th in cat. Not quite the worlds spot she was hoping for, but a massive step forward and every improving “power horse” that comes with all the hard work and consistency that she has put in. Now time to taper for Byron Bay, for her A event with Erin and the girls.

Jay, manages a 9 mins course PB on a brand new bike, however is lodging an official complaint as the people that beat him cheat due to doing actual training, at the time of writing this we are still awaiting the result of the appeal. He got a little sidetracked on the swim and ended up on a boat party, caught a Jet ski back to the course and then started chasing Paula on the new Trek.

Garry, in the new tri suit was flying today until he cramped up badly and forced him from run, to walk to wheelchair, to medical tent. Was a real shame as he was looking good and shows that anything can happen in long course racing. Still a respectable time given the problems and I’m just happy he finished and another ticked off the list. Great mental strength from Mr P.

Emmo still wondering why they put a run in a triathlon, isn’t it meant to be swim, bike, swim? Still a very solid 5.46 and 30th in cat.

Tracey had 4 punctures on the bike so 4.15 on the bike put an end to her day. She did a lap of the run course, but was a long day after being out on the bike course all day. New tyres please!

Kate Morrison was taking on her first 70.3 crushed it.  having been really consistent with her program it paid off and coming such a long way in the last 3 months put in a man of the match display with a 6.18.12. Really well balanced race and topped off some great performances.

Results below

139 James BYRNE (163) 04:55:15 30-34 (18) Male (128) 00:28:00 00:01:59 02:32:13 00:01:36 01:51:25
204 Maarten HOLSBOER (430) 05:03:54 40-44 (22) Male (182) 00:29:08 00:03:02 02:38:20 00:01:39 01:51:44
265 Paula Mackerz LUKE (801) 05:14:20 35-39 (9) Female (39) 00:34:08 00:02:54 02:49:17 00:01:44 01:46:13
471 Jay Bad Boy LUKE (566) 05:46:26 45-49 (45) Male (382) 00:41:18 00:03:41 02:50:33 00:03:27 02:07:25
646 Garry PENDERGAST (573) 06:18:45 45-49 (63) Male (514) 00:38:33 00:02:55 02:58:59 00:02:20 02:35:56
473 Mark EMERTON (618) 05:46:51 50-54 (30) Male (384) 00:28:45 00:02:07 02:50:41 00:03:09 02:22:07
644 Kate MORRISON (805) 06:18:11 35-39 (23) Female (131) 00:34:56 00:03:16 03:26:39 00:01:40 02:11:38
DNF Tracey PEACOCK (769) 05:53:22 30-34 Female 00:31:56 00:02:58 04:15:27 00:02:13 01:00:47

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