So today we had our monthly 16km TT this morning, or otherwise known as a 10 mile TT.  I knew a few things would happen:

  1. times were going to be super fast due to the weather conditions
  2. with the clocks going back that numbers would be down as the time change always throws people out this week.

Niki and Kendall were making their first attempt at the TT and did very well and i’m looking forward to seeing their improvements over the next months.  Also great to see Elle back.

With Computa sleeping in, Tim took on the favorite tag and obliged by taking out the race with the 12th fastest of all time (only 18 seconds off his PB). The 21.19 course record is still safe but I think it can go next month if Computa makes it back.

Ruth had a clear run at the women’s race with the other big hitters away. She didn’t disappoint with a fantastic performance and only 5 seconds off her PB! I think next month could see a new marker being set. Also only 7 quicker female times ahead (of which two are very dodgy times) so a huge well done.

16km TT Oct 2015


Please note that “Pos” is all time positions out of 1150 times recorded.

My race – a 3 second PB, it could have been so much more

As they was no Calga TT this weekend I was really keen to give this a right crack and while I posted a quick time it was far from ideal. However the session gave me some great data and I was very happy with the ride and this will allow me to tweak my power levels (FTP Setting).

Oh the negative side you will see from the data below that I had to stop, yes not cool. I dropped my phone (and oh yes I did think about leaving it) and had stop, run back 50-60m pick up the phone and get going again. While my HR dropped 10BPM and this gave me a little recovery, I lost all my momentum dropping to zero from 42KPH+ and then get going again, 31 seconds later I was back up to speed but that was 31 seconds I simply couldn’t recover.  I then went pretty lactate, you you can see at 16 mins my HR peaked, but then I had to back off and spin the legs out a little to recover before making a final push for the line.

Ive been doing a lot of sprint work and it was interesting to see that coming off the tight left turn at the end that i put out 1141 watts, which actually felt pretty easy so that was nice to see at the end of such a hard TT where I really didn’t have anything left in the tank.

I really think that if i hadn’t had the stop that I could have pulled out a 21.55 (give or take a couple of seconds), I was just about to catch the big man James Trude with him just 15m ahead of me at that point and knowing he was there and Tim was just in sight I reckon this would have pushed me on just that little extra as well.

Also really happy with the pacing, and while the first 5 mins was the hardest, it was controlled and allowed me to hold 340 watts for the entire ride, which was within my target of 330-340 for the session.

Click on image for full size

16km TT Oct 2015 Data


Next month I will be back on timing duties but Im looking forward to going through all the files from today and seeing how people really went.

Until next time.

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