On a cold winters morning its always hard to put out a fast time over the 16km TT, however you can still push those watts and get the HR working full steam ahead. For many today they had their first 16km TT so lots of great experience from today and looking forward to seeing how they push on from this line in the sand. A few were scared away with potential rain but still a great turn out and some great effort put in.

From this session i’m personally more interested in how the cyclists rides the 16km, do they go out too hard, too easy, are they pushing the correct gear, riding smoothly. Get all this right then the time will be good. People need to remember that this is to test yourself and not the others testing as well.

Maarten and Zoe take their usual spots, with Lucy pushing Zoe close.  Jason manages to pip Paddy on alphabetic order.

Will vs Paddy is 4 Strava cups each, while Katie takes out the Strava win with 6 and the highest HR for quite some time

Time were all a little slower as expected but post TTT there was great form today.

Ok lots of data to review so until next time.


16km TT August 2016

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