Another great TT session this morning and great to welcome Pod, Evan and Brendan along this month with other regulars Steve, Pete, Francis and Robbie, along with Sarah’s first ride always being a treat when its a TT.

Maarten was a little cooked paving the way for Pod to take the victory ahead of Evan who’s 21.41, beat his first effort in April 12 (26.09!!) and 23.22 in Nov 14 by a long way.  Pod posted the 6th quickest all time time, just 31 seconds behind Tim Curry’s benchmark or 20.56.  Im sure Computa must be seeing these times and looking to take back his title.

Brendan and Mat were having a cracking duel, until Mat picked up a flat with just 1/2 lap to go and was looking great for a PB, leaving Mr Krone to post a solid first effort.

Zoe must be getting bored of taking out the womens title and the goal now is to get under her exisiting course record of 22.41.

Keith continues to improve and posting his second fastest time is looking great for Ironman in June.  Francis also with his second fastest time this month was close to another PB on a slow day and is now 5.5 mins quicker over the 16km than his first attempt. On her new TT, Kate Morrison puts out a 3 mins PB, really looking good on the TT she will be looking to take this form into Cairns 70.3.

Great to see Wissam and Dave Neville join the power game and I’m looking forward to seeing their files.

Well done to everyone today, especially those on road bikes that would have been cursing those cheating on TT bikes.  Its does make a big difference on these type of sessions, but remember these are really just about beating your time and setting a benchmark to where you are and to help you understand what work you need to do.

Until next month.


16km TT resulrs

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