I recently spent two weeks in the Australian Snowy mountains based out of Jindabyne for the SBR Academy Camp and I was very excited to get some decent riding on some long hills and to test out my new 60mm Caden Carbon Race wheels.

Ive had some interesting history with anything Carbon and tend to break anything so this was going to be a great test.

So I recently had the pleasure of getting a new set of the Caden 81mm carbon clincher wheels. Ive had a couple of sets but I super stoked with the latest set due to the recent upgrades and the news from Switzerland is that the new wheel sizes (38, 49, 59 & 81mm) have now got UCI approval for 2017 after being put through rigorous testing criteria and passed with flying colours.

Check out this video of me testing out the Caden’s down the solid 17km “Dead Horse Gap” descent, click on the image below.


They come at two price points In 2017 CADEN & deCADENce, think about it like Ultegra & Dura Ace options effectively which both get you fantastic wheel sets for very competitive pricing.

So some technical stuff.

The new wheels now have a higher temp moulds, meaning they are even stronger under the toughest conditions.

Race balance weight offset to counter act the valve stem for better flywheel effect

Breaking is improved through Zero degree brake layup underneath keeps track flat and stable (this took a long time to develop and is not a gimic as braking is their top priority)

SapimCX Ray spokes Front & Drive Side but Slightly heavier gauge CX Race on the non drive as they build 2 to 1 ratio for balanced stiffer wheels

Hand built in Sydney and no Stickers as we screen print logos with 2 pack epoxy ink

They come with a 3 year warranty with no sneaky T&C’s. This gives you peace of mind and if you do have a problem they will fix it without having to go through distributors & shops.

New clincher wrapping formation not mold formed (all the big boys have moved to this)

Free tubular tape which we developed over the past year having super high peel rating and 24mm wide compared to normal 16mm wide eg your tyre will stay on without all the gluing hassles.

Lighter than previous models.

They are now easier to get the tyres on and off via slightly deeper clincher hook

2 way spoke angle drilling to stop bending at nipple.

What I say

So it’s two thumbs up from us. The wheels were so responsive, fast and stiff leading to a fantastic feel for the road. The breaking surface held up perfectly and handled the demands of a technical descent really well. Im so pleased with these wheels and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

So if you want some fantastic Caden Carbon wheels then just visit the guys over at http://www.carbonbikewheels.com.au/ and they will be able to get you set to go faster than ever before.


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