• What drew you to triathlon?

I am 44 this year and in my late thirties realised I needed to get fit, my sport up to that point was golf! I started running and then competed in a couple of half marathons each year until I was 40. I then got injured and started cycling which I enjoy.  

I recently finished up at the company I worked at for nearly 20 years and so I set myself a New Year’s resolution – complete a Half IronMan. Hence I signed up to Port Macquarie this year (see pic below), I loved it and am hooked.

  • Why Moore Performance?

I joined MP because some friends I ride with (Jon Crook and Eben Bowditch) recommended you. The group seems great and my training definitely improved as a result.

  • What sort of training are you doing at the moment?

I typically ride twice a week, run 1-2 a week and do a gym circuit as well for injury prevention.

  • What are your goals?

My next event is the City to Surf but will be in Europe for five weeks beforehand so not ideal training – if I break 60mins I will be happy.

  • Is there a race you’re focused on or do you have a goal time you’re hoping to achieve?

My next triathlon is not yet booked in – maybe a half Ironman at the end of the year. My goal is to complete a full Ironman ideally sub 12 hours.

  • What’s an interesting fact about you?

When I was 20 I lived and worked in a traditional Japanese hotel. I was the only white guy in the village and was quite the novelty with staff and guests. And I was serving Michael Jackson in his Sydney hotel when he got married here in 1996. 

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