Molly is one of the latest MP recruits who when not racing in triathlon is racing rally cars.

What drew you to triathlon? 

I initially decided to take part in the Noosa triathlon last year as Subaru sponsor the event, I thought it would be good to get involved through work. It was definitely a jump in the deep end, but I also realised pretty quickly how addictive it is!

What is your background in sport? 

Noosa was my first ever triathlon, and I only really started cycling a few months before that. So a short history in triathlons. I’ve been involved in motorsport however for about 11 years.

Tell us some more about your role in motorsport? 

It’s lots of fun! This is my second year driving professionally as part of the Subaru official team in Australia. We are competing in the Australian Rally Championship in a rally spec WRX STI. My role involves driving at the events around Australia as well as doing ambassadorial work for Subaru in between events.

What sort of exercise are you doing at the moment? 

In addition to the triathlon training with the MP crew I do a few strength sessions in the gym each week focused on motorsport specific training.

What are your goals? 

I’d love to take on a half Ironman and just generally improve my fitness. I’m still very new to the sport, so I have a lot to improve on!

Is there a triathlon race you’re focused on?

I’m planning on competing in Noosa again this year and hopefully take on Busselton 70.3 in December.


Also what are your motorsport race goals? 
We are currently second in this year’s Championship, but only three points off the lead. So the goal is to try and close that gap to win the series back to back.

Something about you we don’t know?
I can speak a little bit of Italian very badly from living there for a year. I mostly just remember the swear words and types of food.


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