Discover UK expat Lisa Magennis’ athletic journey which started in Australia 11 years ago and how living in her adopted country is key to her remaining injury free.

How was your marathon in London?

The 2019 London Marathon was an incredible experience. Something that I have always wanted to do, and it lived up to expectations. The Picherits’ put in an appearance too which was a nice surprise!

Why did you decide on that goal?

I’ve entered the ballot five times and was never lucky enough to get a place. I ended up getting an entry through the Lupus charity which is a cause close to my heart. My mum suffers from the illness and I really wanted to raise money for such a great cause.

What was your first tri?

It was actually in Australia (Port Douglas)! c.11yrs ago when I was a slightly overweight backpacker, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea. It really wasn’t – it was a sprint tri but probably the hardest race I’ve ever done…. but it did inspire me to get fit when I got back from my travels.

What’s your next goal race?

I don’t actually have anything in the calendar at the minute… would like to do a swim run event soon or maybe another 70.3.

What was your best race? 

Probably a swim/run event in the highlands of Scotland in 2017. A two-person team event which involved swimming in 12 lochs around Loch Ness and running c.47ks. My only ever first place finish… mainly because we were the only females to finish the course.

What’s your favourite meal pre-race? 

Just something plain and simple like pasta the night before and oats in the morning. 

What are your nutrition tips during a race?

I always drink a carb drink before and during a race which I find really helps me. I take High Five Isogels too which are half water so they’re easy to digest and also full of caffeine!

How do you keep motivated to get up at 5am or finish a gruelling set?

I’m a morning person so I don’t mind the early starts and I tend to avoid gruelling sets!

What is your favourite ride/run/ or swim?

I used to love trips to Majorca (Spain) which is a Mecca for cyclists. I still need to find my Australian equivalent! I do love a swim at Clovelly though.

Have you had to overcome any injuries and how did you do it?

I have been plagued with running injuries for years, lots of left side issues but fortunately since moving to Australia I have been relatively injury free – I think the sunshine/heat is really helping me. 

Why do you like training with Danny / Moore Performance squad? 

The people! Since moving to Australia it’s been a great way to meet people and everyone has been so friendly. Definitely helps with the early starts!

What did you do before triathlon?

I was a swimmer, swimming at club/county level.

Which athletes inspire you?

Women that manage to get back to competitive sport after having kids, that’s an incredible achievement. 

What you like to do post-race celebrations? 

Can’t beat a well-deserved afternoon bev and a good feed.

What’s your ideal weekend?

It would have to involve some exercise in the mornings and then chilled or boozy afternoons. 

If you could be anywhere right now in the world where would that be?

I’ve only been in Sydney for seven months and loving it so there’s nowhere else I would want to be right now. Would be even nicer if I didn’t have to have a full-time job though.

What’s something about you we didn’t know before?

I’m a (e)published author. You can buy my book on Amazon!

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