What drew you to triathlon?

When I was on holiday a few years ago in France I happened to walk past a triathlon in Nice. I didn’t really know what they were doing but I thought it looked cool. At the time I was enjoying running but getting frequent injuries so I had started to swim and cycle to keep my fitness up. A friend that I was with (who was a triathlete) pointed out that I might as well give it a go! I tried a local sprint event and was hooked from that first feeling of crossing the finish line.

What is your background in sport?

Not much! I did ballet all through school and then martial arts through Uni.  I started running to improve my fitness for martial arts (and to keep my fitness up when travelling for work).  My first triathlon was about four years ago and I pretty quickly started chasing the distance, with a middle distance in my second year and ironman in my third year (2016).

What race are you training for at the moment?

The Gold Coast Marathon

Do you have a goal time you’re hoping to achieve?

I haven’t left myself as much time as I would have liked to train for Port Mac so my expectations are low. I had a big break from training after a cycling crash last year so have a lot of strength and fitness to rebuild.  I’d be really happy with around 5:30, but have no idea. If I could go sub 3:35 for Gold Coast I’d be over the moon (but that’s also a very aspirational goal).

What do you do for a day job?

I’m a human rights and sustainability consultant at EY (Ernst and Young). I find working in this area is really interesting at the moment and takes me all over Australia (and the world). I get to work with companies on managing their environmental, social and governance risks.  Work is pretty demanding on my time and can change at short notice, so I am having to learn to be creative with how I fit in training (and other life admin and chores, including sleep)!

An interesting fact about you?

I’m from Adelaide but spent the past 5 years in the UK and Europe. My parents took up running in the last couple of years and now my mum is training for the GC marathon too and aiming for a Boston qualifying time.  I’m obsessed with Strava because I love to see how friends and family (especially my mum) are going with training so I can provide appropriate encouragement (or heckling) as required.

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