What’s the key ingredient you can add to your training program to improve your performance, train smarter, recover better and even make you a happier person?

It’s training in a group.

Ironman athlete and Moore Performance member, Dan Faust, shares the top five reasons why he’s part of a triathlon squad.


Name: Dan Faust

Day job: Geeky Engineer (Of course! I am German!)

Why triathlon? Variety, contact with all elements and the great outdoors and it’s a great tribe

Goal race this season: Port Macquarie Ironman in May

Exercise background: Soccer for 20 years and 100km XC MTB Racing

I’m from: Hamburg, Germany, but in OZ (Rushcutters Bay) for over 10 years

Something about me you didn’t know before? I have a creative gene, my parents had an art gallery for a long time, so art and being creative was handed down to me …and now the Yang – I am a paratrooper and served as an officer in the German Armed Forces.

My ideal weekend? A good training session, preferably out exploring nature and a nice social event like dinner with friends.

Dan’s top five reasons why he trains with Moore Performance:

1. Guidance

The knowledge transfer – being able to ask Danny Moore, other coaches and experienced athletes, for their advice with all aspects for training from pacing, recovery to nutrition.

“Their guidance helps to prevent injuries.”

2. Structure

The structured approach allows time for efficient training and recovery.

“Due to the structured training and someone keeping me on my toes, makes me do things the smart way.”

The MP program makes sure that you don’t over train. “So you don’t fall over from training too hard. But, there’s also no excuses, so you don’t just ride till you think you’ve done enough, but you haven’t.”

“I’ve improved my fitness due to the scheduled and goal orientated training. I’ve learnt how to pace myself, to adjust my nutrition and make use of better equipment.”

2. Motivation

The wise approach and training with like-minded people helps with motivation and teaches you how to tune in and learn to listen to your body.

Training with a group is more motivating than training on your own.

“It pushes me and makes me go faster as we all have a competitive gene.”

It also makes you turn up consistently, as other people are counting on you.

4. Challenges

The squad challenges me to measure up against others who are training for similar goals. “My best achievement since joining the squad was finishing IM Cairns in sub 10.5 hrs, despite a fall off the bike and difficult conditions on the day.”

5. Social aspect

Meeting like-minded people with similar interests and backgrounds. “It’s a certain type of breed that does triathlon and trains for Ironman.”

“Danny’s squad is great, as you train with great like-minded people.”

Dan running in Berlin
Ironman Training never stops, even on vacation in Berlin, the trainers are always on board.

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