So you had a few years off the bike, how have you found getting back into it?

My parents bought me my first bike when I was 12 and I cycled on and off into my late teens. After 10 years off the bike, I am again addicted to the challenge, friendship and memorable moments that it brings. The MP crew are an awesome inspiration and amazing bunch of people!

What do you love about cycling?

Cycling gives you a sense of freedom and makes you a better person, both physically and emotionally.

What is your favourite ride?

Galston Gorge, Berowra Waters, Bobbin Head, West Head and Akuna Bay. Stunning scenery just 30 minutes north of the Sydney CBD.

Do you compete?

I am currently signed up to a number of races and charity rides. A few of the MP crew are also trying to twist my arm to take the plunge into my first triathlon.

How do you keep motivated to get up at 5am or finish a gruelling set?

Consistency is key – more important than anything is to keep showing up and it’s much harder to ignore the alarm when your MP group is out there waiting for you.

Have you had to overcome any injuries and how did you do it?:

Other than a few niggles, I have been fairly lucky (touch wood).

Memorable quote/catchphrase to keep you going when you find it tough:

“The race is won by the rider who can suffer the most” – Eddy Merckx

Why do you like training with Danny / Moore Performance squad? 

There is nothing like being part of MP to make you stronger, faster and safer.

What was your favourite MP moment?

Too many come to mind. It is the perfect mix of fitness, friendship and camaraderie.


What did you do before cycling?

I was a professional sailor in a prior life.

Which athletes inspire you?

A good mate recently died after a silent battle with depression. He was an extremely talented cyclist and I’d love to go back in time to ride with him again.

What’s your ideal weekend?

A weekend away with a group of friends to the south coast.

What’s something we didn’t know about you?

In 2015, three friends and I attempted to climb Kangchenjunga (the third highest mountain in the world). We were lucky to escape the Nepal earthquake which hit during our trip and caused many casualties.

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