How was the Ironman in South Africa?

It was an incredible experience to race once again in South Africa. Given that I was 90 minutes slower than what I wanted it was a long day for me and my wife and kids. However I did smile throughout in order to prove to Bevo and others that sometimes Grumpy can smile.

Why triathlon?
The cross training makes it a lot more fun and given that I am injury prone it has helped me to train generally injury free.

What was your first tri? 

By chance my first race was a standard on Kona Island.

What was your best race? 

My first Ironman in Cairns. Each one has got slower.

Lessons learnt?

Each ironman has its own story and you need to accept the conditions that are thrown at you.

What’s your favourite meal pre-race? 

A light pasta or pizza.

What are your nutrition tips during a race?

I try to keep as hydrated as possible and mix energy gels with energy bars and snake lollies.

How do you keep motivated to get up at 5am or finish a gruelling set?

The banter amongst my training mates. Also a good reason to be out of the house when the kids are getting ready for school

What is your favourite ride/run/ or swim?

  • Ride is Westhead/Akuna Bay
  • Run is Botanical gardens/Opera House
  • Swim is across Bondi.

Have you had to overcome any injuries and how did you do it?

When I first started training and was 25kg heavier I suffered from Achilles and calf strains while running. I think that the cross training as well as doing the exercises provided by my physio all helped as well as losing weight.

Why do you like training with the Moore Performance squad? 

The squad is made up of a good group of people who keep me motivated.

What did you do before triathlon?

Pretended that I ran to keep fit but actually just ate to get fat.

Which athlete inspires you?

My father who completed 10 Comrades marathons (90 km race in South Africa).

What you like to do post-race celebrations? 

Spend a few days with the family (not sure that they want to spend time with me).

What’s your ideal weekend?

Good weather so that I can get all the sessions in and be able to either relax at home or go to the beach in between.

If you could be anywhere right now in the world where would that be?

Cape Town as it has great weather, food and training facilities.

What’s your favourite book and film?
I enjoy bibliographies on sportsmen and Chariots of Fire.

What’s something about you we didn’t know before?
I’m not really that grumpy.

Grump does IMSA 2

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