Too many experts?

So, you are racing Ironman, you’re close to the curtain call, feeling nervous and want everything to go to plan.

It might not even be your first event, but you’ve invested so much time into it that you want to achieve your goals and you feel like every little thing counts.

One problem that can derail your race is that even though you turn up, super fit and with a well-rehearsed plan, you listen to the self-proclaimed experts and go off track.

It’s easy to find people that are very happy to give you a lot of advice about how you can race, even though they have no idea about your capabilities as an athlete.

Often they are self-coached or have a coach and they simply recite what was prescribed to them, what they’ve heard or read somewhere which in all fairness might work for them and they’ve been practicing, but that method could be totally conflict with what you’ve been doing.

Then the doubts can set in, ‘Should I be doing that?’, ‘Should I go carb free?’, ‘Should I go out hard then try and hang on?’, ’Should I bilaterally breath even though I’ve been breathing to one side?’, ‘Should I try run/walk?’. Should I buy that Nike fast shoes?

STOP listening to these doubts and follow your individual plan!

It’s OK to listen and learn from others, Ironman is a social event and it’s good to meet a whole host of triathletes, but I implore you to stick to the dance that got you to the party and have faith in your training and your plan for race day.

There are hundreds of ways to skin a cat, but stick to the best method for you, that we have developed and have confidence in it.  Yes, sometimes races don’t go to plan due to things outside of your control and you just have to deal with these challenges as/if they appear, but the sure fire way to **** it up is when you make a last minute decision to go off script .

So, with Cairns this weekend, ensure you know your plan inside and out. Have a few mini goals for little wins and be prepared for different scenarios, you never know what can happen on race day and be prepared to be flexible.

Sometimes shit happens, if you get a puncture, you will lose some time, you can’t undo that, but the positive is that you are resting when you change the tyre. Take a deep breath, get back on the horse and back into the race.

Ironman will always throw up a few challenges on race day, expect something to happen, and guess what another 1000+ people will have some type of adversity to deal with as well. You are not alone and the ones that don’t dwell on the negatives, are the ones that do the best.

Try one of these positive affirmations, before and during the race:

So have faith in and follow your plan, make smart decisions, think positively and enjoy the day.


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