Phil is a holistic performance coach and a passionate multi-sport athlete. While Phil’s first love of triathlon remains his primary focus at Moore Performance; helping athletes get big results mainly at 70.3 and the Ironman distance; he also coaches for adventure races, mountain bike events, trails runs and more; ranging from X-Terra all the way up to multi-day events.

Phil is a data driven coach and uses the numbers to really help bring out the best in his athletes… if you ask Phil the number one purchase for any athlete looking to really up their game, before fancy frames and carbon wheels would be a power meter! Testing, benchmarking and tweaking training and nutrition based on performance is also a vital part of the program for this athletes. But it’s not all about the numbers; Phil puts a heavy focus on lifestyle and diet, helping his athletes to really dial what they do outside of training to not only improve recovery, performance and health but also keep that all important life balance!

A Precision Nutrition certified coach, Phil works with athletes, (and non-athletes alike) to help them achieve the perfect balance between health, performance and body composition through a habit formation, in-depth analysis and outcome based decision making. To find out more on how working with a nutrition coach can help you get in touch with Phil.

In an ultimate salute to going long cycled 14,000 km from the UK to Australia, (although some would argue that was just because he was too cheap to fork out the air fair).