Name – Maria Kamberidis

Nickname –  Mazz,  Kambo …

How long have you been riding or riding with MP –  1100 or so days or lets  round off to 3 years

What got you into cycling –  Injuries from soccer lead me to riding and  signed up for the “Ride to concur Cancer” and bought a bike.

Claire Austin had referred me to MP

Do you compete – I cant run, so only ride… I have races in a few teams, also a few road races, but mainly for fun

Favourite ride/race – The AMAZING RACE  100%  

Favorite post ride snack – Bananas or Beers.  Or both

Something interesting about you – I use to speed skate, play rep cricket was the School vice captain, have lived in London, have travelled the world and

have been arrested …    

what’s your favourite thing about training with MP’?   I think that we can all say it is the people…  To be connected by such an awesome squad who are from all walks of life you are guaranteed to be  inspired, motivated, entertained with feel good laughs on any given session …. #mplove