Name – Maria Clarkin

Nickname – just Maria; a few people call me Mia, but luckily I was the first Maria in the group, so have never needed a nickname!

How long have you been riding or riding with MP –  on and off for about 7 years, although there have been a number of work-related “offs”; so I eventually changed jobs and here I am!

What got you into cycling – When I moved from England I wanted to meet new people and decided triathlon would be a good way to do that; I was most intimidated by the bike component and therefore invested most of my time in it…and now the bike is by far and away my favourite!

Do you compete – I like to participate rather than compete, but yes; I love the atmosphere of both triathlons and cycling events.

Favorite ride/race – Hard to say! The race distance that suits me best is 70.3, but I think Amy’s Gran Fondo is the most beautiful ride I’ve done anywhere in the world. Basically I love anything that involves a social weekend away.

Favorite post ride snack – I famously ride for coffee, although am a fan of protein balls when an energy boost is required.

Something interesting about you – I have been to all seven continents and have ridden my bike in six of them…Bikes aren’t allowed in Antarctica (there are strict environmental controls, quite rightly) so I had to settle for an ocean swim there instead; you’d think I’d be less of a wuss when it comes to Bondi swims after that, but no!

what’s your favourite thing about training with MP’? – 100% the people. I know of lot of my closest friends  through triathlon and MP and love the inclusive, supportive and fun culture.