Name –  Garry Pendergast

Nickname – Naomi has a few names for me, but probably best not shared!

How long have you been riding or riding with MP –  Not counting my dragster during primary school, I’ve been on a road bike for about 25 years, riding with Danny since about 2009, and under the MP banner since 2014.

What got you into cycling? – Generally fun and fitness, but I got into triathlon via STG/Brats when I moved east so I could meet some new people.

Do you compete? – I did lots of sprint, Olympic, and long course/70.3 races before my boys were born, and while things have been a little quiet on that front lately, I’m planning on tackling another 70.3 post COVID.

Favourite ride/race? – Husky Long Course/Port Mac 70.3

Favourite post ride snack? – Little Green Bean coffee, and a pancakes or french toast with ice cream while everyone else eats healthy!

Something interesting about you? – In 2016 I received a medal for bravery from the Governor General for a mass rescue of ocean swimmers at North Bondi Beach. It was one of those days when the beach was closed, 6-8ft super swell from the south, and the rips were churning.

What’s your favourite thing about training with MP’? – Having belonged to three different groups, and trained casually with a few more, there’s no doubt that the people and the community feeling within MP makes it the best group I’ve ever been a part of! #MPLOVE