I have been coaching people to compete in Triathlons, multi-sport and Ultra events since 2007 and continue to develop myself as a coach to help my athletes reach their goals. Moore Performance was created simply because I couldn’t find other training groups that could cater for what I personally needed. Moore Performance was created to provide an all inclusive training and support network delivering high quality training for all levels of athletes from beginner to professional and Olympic level athletes.

As Founder and owner of Moore Performance, I’m driven to help athletes improve through training smarter and not just harder. I saw so many training groups grinding people into the ground and not looking at the bigger or long-term picture. We take more of a holistic approach to achieve long-term results. We also specialise in helping time-poor athletes train efficiently and compete and without taking any short cuts.

Training efficiently and smarter is the key to success.

We have seen many great performances and results from our athletes and have seen new athletes go from being total novices (ie: not even being able to keep up on the warm up) to competing well in the age group World Champs, State gold medals on the track (cycling) and also endless age group triathlon podiums which has been very rewarding and fantastic. The greatest satisfaction has been from seeing the bond and support between my athletes and their attitude to training and racing.

I specialise in training and racing with a Power Meter, which gives our athletes a real advantage over their competition.