Name – Belinda Brigham

Nickname – Some people call me BB (for obvious reasons) , others probably call me something else that is usually out of ear shot.

How long have you been riding or riding with MP –  about 5mins 🙂  seriously since July 2020 with MP

What got you into cycling – a friend asked me to join her in the “around the Bay”  ride in Melbourne. I said ok but I better learn how to ride. That was 2 years ago.

Do you compete – not in cycling, but I do in another sport.

Favorite ride/race – I enjoy them all. Although I just can’t do 3 days straight in CP!

Favorite post ride snack – pastries, pancakes, any food in general.

what’s your favourite thing about training with MP’? – the people!  I’m super impressed at the amount of training you all do, and manage to do it well whilst still maintaining a full time job!!