Name –  Rebecca Main

Nickname – Bec

How long have you been riding or riding with MP –  a few years… 3 Peaks training kicked off my association with #MPlove

What got you into cycling –  my ever expanding waistline

Do you compete – no, thank you

Favorite ride/race – for the mental toughness factor, it has to be 3 peaks in Victoria. Closer to home, I’m a big fan of riding north: Bobbin Head, Galston Gorge or the ride to Mooney Mooney (with a mid ride coffee stop!) are always a winner. My preference is to go downhill.

Favorite post ride snack – mmmm, a fruit pastry. Over 100km I start craving hot chips. (Clearly, I #ridetoeat)

Something interesting about you – I really like raspberry jam.

what’s your favourite thing about training with MP’? – How we encourage and support each other to achieve our personal goals.  Who would have thought something called the “hour of power” could be fun?