We are committed to safe riding, respecting those around us and supporting each other.

Whether you are just starting out, race competitively, training for triathlon or cycling. From Tuesdays through to Sundays Moore Performance has ride options that will cater for your ability.



Weekday Rides

Weekday rides are usually around 70-80 minutes long, with some people tagging on a few extra km’s after the session. These are held either in Centennial Park, or around the roads of the Eastern Suburbs. It is important to have good working lights on your bike (for winter months) and that your bike is in good working order. Hybrid bikes are not allowed in the squad rides.

Saturday Rides

5.45am – Robertson Road Gates, Centennial Park. This is a chance to Release the weekend warrior” as they tend to be longer in duration than weekday rides.

Riders split into groups based upon who has signed in the night before.

We will always aim for an easy paced group which can suit those that need to recover, or newer riders who aren’t yet used to longer rides.

If we have high numbers of riders we will often break into smaller groups of 6-12 riders, meaning that some stronger riders will be in a second, third, or fourth group etc and control the pace through the gate system (detailed below). People shouldn’t get caught up on the number of the group, this is for reference only and doesn’t mean that you are faster than the next number.

The Rides

During our busy periods we typically split into 4 groups, based upon ability and experience: Race, Pace, Chase, and Coffee Ride.



There will be a pre-selected ‘Ride Captain’ on the squad rides. The designated ‘Ride Captain’ is in charge of the ride and people must respect the Captain’s calls. Their number one focus is to make sure that the ride is as safe as possible. Generally, the Ride Captain will sit on the back of the group and make calls from there. However, may sometimes control the group from the front.

Generally, there will be a short ride briefing before the ride rolls out. It’s important that riders turn up early and be ready to listen in to the ride brief and roll out on time. Rides will vary from session to session so it is important to listen to the brief.

Safety is very important to us at Moore Performance, so for this reason we will ride in 4 groups or break down yet further into smaller groups split by similar ability.

If the group leaving the meeting point isn’t too big, then all groups may roll out together, but then we split into subgroups at a given point e.g. after the Airport Tunnel.

Our rides out of the park start at a nice steady pace (Endurance) pace which is relative to the group and speed generally will increase through the ride. Depending on how the ride is going, the ride Captain may have to make ‘on the spot’ changes to the original plan.

“We leave no man behind” Meaning, if you have a flat, have a bad day, or have an accident, you won’t be left alone. Similarly, when someone in your pack has a problem, you listen to the Ride Captain and don’t ride off and leave them.

During the darker months its compulsory to have good working front and back lights. When in a pack, turn the real light to “solid red” and not “flashing red” as this can irritate other riders vision.

There are many different ways to ride within a pack, and groups are generally organised in either single file or two-by-two. The peleton take turns (called “pulls”) at the front before peeling off to the side and re-joining the group at the rear. By doing this, the peloton cuts efficiently through the wind and stays together in a predictable pack.

We may at times operate a gate system which the ride captain will confirm during the ride. The Riders in the “gate” are generally the stronger riders within that group and they take turns on the front, while riders behind the gate will benefit from being towed along for the ride. The gate may be used for the entireity or part of the ride, but it will give the slightly slower riders the opportunity to push right to the end of the session.


Bike Rides


  • DO wear a helmet
  • DO carry appropriate front and rear lights
  • DO ensure your bike is in good mechanical order
  • DO ride 2 abreast maximum
  • DO be alert to your surroundings and keep your head and eyes up
  • DO carry ID with you and emergency contact information
  • DON’T “half-wheel” or overlap the person riding beside you, as this will potentially result in
    others behind you doing the same thing. A very common cause of crashes.
  • DON’T wear earphones
  • DON’T use aero-bars when bunch riding – you simply can’t get to your brakes fast enough
  • DON’T swarm around cars when approaching an intersection – think of the bunch as a singlevehicle
  • DON’T leave a big gap to the rider in front – you will use more energy and possibly force your partner to get into a half-wheeling situation

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