Rich Goodman


Name – Rich Goodman

Nickname – The Gent

How long have you been riding or riding with MP – since early 2014

What got you into cycling – A good mate who went to Kona inspired me to try the Corporate Triathlon. Once I made it across the finish line, I was hooked

Do you compete – Port Macquarie Ironman, Port Macquarie Half Ironman x 2, Santa Cruz Half Ironman, Olympic Distance World Championships – Chicago, Challenge Melbourne

Favorite ride/race – I love racing overseas. Mixing a holiday and race is always the best way to travel

Favorite post ride snack – Had to be a chocolate milkshake (cook and the baker preferably)

Something interesting about you – I used to be a vet nurse and work in a scuba diving store

What’s your favourite thing about training with MP? – Best thing honestly about MP is the people, we are a great group of friends who all support each other toward a common goal.