Mel Peto


Name – Mel Peto

Nickname – I recently picked up the name Magic Mel….and, def not for my amazing cycling ability!

How long have you been riding or riding with MP – Just over 3 years

What got you into cycling – I love the idea of having multiple sports – running alone meant too many injuries!

Do you compete – I participate 🙂

Favorite ride/race – Soo many….Amy’s Gran Fondo on Great Ocean Road, recently did Bondi2Brighton, Port Mac Ironman with the amazing MP support crew

Favorite post ride snack – Anything and everything! The berry smoothie at green Bean is awesome

Something interesting about you – I love to travel! I have an apartment full of IKEA furniture, bc I love to spend my time & money on travelling to over 50 countries, with plenty more to see & do!

What’s your favourite thing about training with MP’? – The people!!! Some of my fave people in the world wear black white & pink, and it makes the early starts so worthwhile. And the drinks after even more enjoyable.